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The Virtual Assistant Directory is a North American directory of virtual assistants.

We differ from other freelance and outsourcing websites because only virtual assistants who live in North America may register. And while we may operate on a large scale, we're not a global job-bidding website that forces our skilled members to compete against freelancers who live and work in underdeveloped countries and charge pennies on the dollar.

With almost 50,000 searches for virtual assistant for hire each month alone, there's no reason to keep missing opportunities to make connections with employers offering virtual employment opportunities.

When you post virtual services online, you're not only boosting search results with content related advertising and backlinks to your own website, but you're significantly increasing your job opportunities as work becomes available.

Virtual work is plentiful and now is the best time to market your services online with one of the most highly-targeted and low-cost advertising solutions in the virtual assistant industry. Join us! Registration is quick and only takes a few seconds.

North American Directory of Virtual Assistants

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